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No women, wigs or lipstick: All-male Portland cast takes on Shakespeare

Peter Brown, playing the king's daughter, Goneril, rehearses a scene from Shakespeare’s "King Lear" in Portland on Sunday. All female characters in the production are being played by males, a concept knows as “original practices,” because in Shakespeare’s day, women did not act in the theatre. Female roles were played by adolescent boys. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

Shakespeare’s “King Lear” is not a comedy. It’s the story of a monarch who decides to divide his kingdom between his daughters. Two are awful and one is sweet. Loyalties are questioned, deceit is employed by the bucketful, betrayals abound, eyes get gouged out and the innocent are hanged. It’s a real bummer. Kidding aside, it’s […]

Here’s a place in Portland where it’s OK to touch a stranger in the dark

A pair of dancers tear up the hardwood during the Portland Swing Project's Friday Night Stomp at Maine Ballroom on Congress Street. Tom Whitehead and the Rights of Swing provided the live music. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

The plate glass window separating the hoofers from the Congress Street sidewalk kept fogging up Friday night. Folks walking by slowed down, craning their necks to see through the thin spots. A few rubbed their palms in disappointed circles, realizing the condensation was on the inside. Hot string jazz leaked out when the door was propped open to cool the room […]