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VIDEO: North Pond Hermit on the big screen

Documentary filmmakers from New York City (from left) Aitor Mendilibar, the sound recordist, Lena Friedrich, the director and Laura Shaw, the cinematographer, gather round BDN photographer and "banjournalist" Troy R. Bennett to sing the "North Pond Hermit Song" Friday morning. The crew spent a week in Maine working on a documentary about the suddenly famous hermit, AKA Christopher Knight. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

A year ago last spring, I was contacted by a group of young, New York City documentary filmmakers. They were on their way to Maine in search of the newly-discovered North Pond Hermit. Since the Hermit was currently secluded behind bars, and not in a talkative mood, they were settling for interviews with the panoply of peripheral characters […]

Five Songs: from Maine folks

Here are Five Songs on Spotify by Maine artists I think you should hear. If you’re unfamiliar with the streaming music service Spotify, click HERE. 1. Quebecois, by Schooner Fare Almost everyone who knows me, knows I grew up listening to Schooner Fare. Heck, it’s their appearance at my junior high school that inspired me to pick […]