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Mt. Washington’s auto road by motorcycle and the surprising Portland connection

A motorcycle crests the summit of the Mt. Washington Auto Road on Thursday in Gorham, New Hampshire. The road was only open to motorcycles on Thursday as part of the famous Bike Week festivities centered in Laconia. Troy R. Bennett | BDN

It sounds strange, but without Portland Harbor, there’d be no Mt. Washington Auto Road. I learned this tidbit while riding up the famously steep byway on Thursday with my buddy Johnny Sideburns, a local comedian and fellow sidecar enthusiast. The 7.6 mile-long road sets aside a day or two every year during Laconia’s long-running bike […]

VIDEO: Winter motorcycle camping gets better when it stops raining

The Fur Hat Society was out in full force at this years annual winter motorcycle camping trip in New Hampshire. From left are Keith, John and Pate.

I’d made up my mind. The next person who walked through the door, brushing sleet off their shoulders, motioning to my motorcycle parked outside and asking, “How’s the riding?” was going to get my small paper cup full of coffee in the face. I’m not normally a hostile person. I’ve waited out the rain in […]

A tasty ride through Sandwich Notch back in the salad days of summer

Here’s a video I didn’t make. My sidecar riding pal, John, made made this short film. It features himself, another three-wheeled scallawag named Poacher Bob and an intrepid youngster named Jackson as they amble up the Sandwich Notch Road in New Hampshire. I don’t know exactly when it took place but, by the foliage, I’d […]

VIDEO: Motorcycle camping in the blizzard

Thermos races between metal trash cans for some impromptu barrel racing on frozen Crystal Lake in Gilmanton, N.H. Friday afternoon Feb. 8, 2013 as the storm intensified. Members of the Soviet Steeds collective, who are all Russian motorcycle enthusiasts, gathered for a winter campout and rally over the weekend. (Bangor Daily News photo by Troy R. Bennett)

The roads leading west into New Hampshire were slick last Friday morning. The leading edge of the snowstorm the TV weather folks were calling the impending “Snowpocalypse” or “Deathstorm ’13” in their typically understated fashion, was already dumping snow on me. I was astride my Russian-made Ural sidecar rig headed from Portland to Fryeburg. It […]