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VIDEO: Trying to get to the Blueberry Festival

Join the Half Moon Jug Band at the South Freeport Congregational Church Summer Blueberry Festival Saturday night August 2 at 7 p.m.

Did you know blueberries contain just 80 calories per cup, virtually no fat and they’re chock full of anti-oxidants, too? Were you aware laughter decreases stress hormones while increasing your immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies? Me neither, but I read that stuff on the web, so it must be true! In any case, join me and the Half Moon Jug Band for […]

Five Songs: from Maine folks

Here are Five Songs on Spotify by Maine artists I think you should hear. If you’re unfamiliar with the streaming music service Spotify, click HERE. 1. Quebecois, by Schooner Fare Almost everyone who knows me, knows I grew up listening to Schooner Fare. Heck, it’s their appearance at my junior high school that inspired me to pick […]