Happy birthday Maine: This should be the official state song

On this date, back in 1820, Maine became the 23rd state. To commemorate this 196-year-old historic event, I propose that the legislature take up an emergency bill to name this song the official tune of the great State of Maine.

“State O’ Maine” was written by Bill Schulz of the Wicked Good Band, which claims to have been “insulting Maine audiences since its pathetic beginnings as a bunch of misfits and weirdos at Deering High School” in the 1960s.

Wicked Good Band

Wicked Good Band

I don’t know about that, but I’ve been singing “State O’ Maine”  wherever I’ve gone since the 1980s. When I’ve travelled across this country, or over in Europe, and people have asked me what home was like, I’ve sung them this song. It’s been greeted, almost universally, by blank stares. I cherish those vacant looks almost as much as I cherish my home state.

Bill was kind enough to let me and the Half Moon Jug Band record “State O’ Maine” on our last album. He even showed up to help us sing it in the studio.

You can get the Wicked Good Band’s original recording on cassette, or a live version on CD HERE.

I hope the folks in Augusta are listening and they act quickly. Maine needs some wicked good news right about now.


Troy R. Bennett

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