VIDEO: Run, Piggy, Run

I’m a little late on this one.

A couple of co-workers challenged me to write a song about two escaped Guinea hogs first reported in the BDN by Julia Bayly at the end of last month. In the spring I’d written a ditty about the North Pond Hermit that got a bit of attention and BDN writer Bill Trotter dubbed me a “banjournalist.” It’s a moniker I wear proudly and I hate to turn down a challenge, so here’s my attempt at a musical re-telling of the story.

But remember, this is folk music. As with all legends and folk tales, the details are often subject to tweaking for dramatic and rhyming purposes. I do just that in this song. Some of the facts aren’t straight. For that reason, I’m calling this one “based on a true story” only.

I hope you enjoy it and, for the record, I have nothing against the farmer or anyone else mentioned in this curly tale.

Run, Piggy, Run

Run, Piggy, Run

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