Lenore and the chop shop

I spent Sunday morning riding with a lovely, 72-year-old woman named Lenore. She lives here in Portland but she’s spent most of her life in the Bronx. Growing up in the city, she’d never even learned to ride a bicycle, let alone a motorcycle. Her daughter, Rachel, loves to ride and really wanted to take her mom for a spin. You see, Lenore’s cancer is back and the outlook isn’t good. But Lenore wasn’t so sure about sitting behind Rachel on her ’71 Honda 350.

Lenore and I.

Lenore and I.

So, Rachel asked me if I’d consider taking her mom for a spin. I said, “Of course.”

Cancer carried my mom off, seven years ago. She rode weekends with my father. So, how could I say no.?

Lenore was a delight. We rode out through Cumberland and made a big loop back to town. We stopped for ice cream along the way. When we got back, she was all smiles and said, “Now I know why a dog sticks its nose out the window.”

After dropping her off, I headed for the Northeast Chop Shop open house. Not my style, exactly, but a bunch of my friends were there, there were some good bands on the schedule and the pinup contest didn’t hurt, either.

The Outsiders played a set.

“Rock’n’roll ain’t dead yet,” he sang.

A pinup contestant reminds the crowd to vote for number three.

She saluted the crowd.

A contestant struts.

Dana Hayes, winner of the contest. She’s also captain of her roller derby team.

She had enthusiasm, and a beer.

My friend’s wife’s little sister.

Acquiring a taste for her fiance.

Murcielago played a set.




Matthew Robbins of Murcielago.

Getting a truck un-stuck.

I had a pulled pork sandwich at Po’ Boy and Pickles on the way home and beat the torrential rain. Good day, I’d say.

Troy R. Bennett

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