VIDEO: The North Pond Hermit song

(note: this is an updated recording made 4/12/13 made with 100% more cute dogs.)

I’m a visual journalist by trade. I try to stick to the facts. I’m also a folk musician with a love of old ballads. They were the newspapers of their day. So, while waiting for some phone calls to get returned today, I came up with this. It’s not strictly factual. Some of it I made up. I imagined the rest. It’s not the best song I ever wrote. But it’s the best song I wrote today. I hope you enjoy it.

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along or learn it yourself.



Nobody’d seen his face, in twenty-seven years

Since that day in ’86 when he up and disappeared

He walked away into the pines, to live among the wood

He turned his back on everything and he was gone for good


The North Pond Hermit, living in the woods

The North Pond Hermit, they’d catch him if they could


Some said he was a ghost, some said he wasn’t real

And all he ever had to eat was all that he could steal

In and out of every camp, all around the pond

Stealing food in the dark, by morning he was gone


They say he’d sit for days watching things that grow

Or counting eagles over head and everything below

Sometimes he’d listen to the wind filling up his mind

Counting raindrops one by one to pass away the time


Summer, winter, spring and fall, seasons came and went

Still he lived there all alone in a solitary tent

No leaving camp in wintertime, no footprints in the snow

No fire for fear that he’d be seen sending up the smoke


The cops they caught him in the spring, robbing one more time

They took him to the jailhouse to answer for his crimes

They said we have one question, to ask before you go

What would make you do it, he said he did not know

Troy and Hook.

Troy and Hook.


Christopher Knight, AKA "The North Pond Hermit."

Christopher Knight, AKA “The North Pond Hermit.”

Troy R. Bennett

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